BIZ DIRECTORY Documentation

Complete Directory Drupal Theme


Biz Directory is a professional Drupal responsive theme for directories and listings. It is build with Zen Grids, Google maps, search filter, Parallax and other features.

Setup and implementation

Biz Directory is created over an installation profile, so you don't need to do much to get it working. Following steps will guide you through the installation process.

1. Extract the zip file on your web server. It includes all you need to get it working, so don't worry about any other files handle. The location of your installation depends on the kind of server you're using. I mention some examples here you may be:

  • In case you're using a local XAMP on Windows, the server root folder is C:\xampp\htdocs\
  • In case you're using a local AppServ on Windows, the server root folder is C:\Appserv\www\
  • In case you're using a local MAMP on OSX, the server root folder is Aplications/MAMP/htdocs/
  • In case you're using a remote/local WebServer on Linux, the server root folder usually is /home/user/public_html/

Once you extract it, you can change the name of the folder.

2. Using a web browser, navigate to your folder/domain/subdomain where the extracted bizdirectory's folder was created.
I'll use as example the name "bizdirectory" due to the default folder. It would be on
"http://localhost/bizdirectory" in case you installed it locally or
"" in a remote installation.

3. Select Biz Directory as your installation profile on the "Select an installation profile" page and then click "Save and Continue".

4. Select your language on the "Choose language" page and then click "Save and Continue" by default, the theme is English based.

5. Setup your database info on the "Database configuration" page and then click "Save and Continue". If you haven't created it yet, do it via phpMyAdmin or any other MySQL configuration app. Once you continue, the installation process will begin.

Please, be a little bit patient.

6. Configure your site basic info on the "Configure Site" page and then click "Save and Continue". Wait a little bit, until all Biz Directory's features are configured.

7. Biz Directory instalation was a Success!

For security purposes, it's recommended that you delete profiles/bizdirectory/bizdirectory.sql, or move the bizdirectory profile folder out of your webroot.

Now you can visit your new site.

Customize appearance

It is recommended that sites running on production environments do not display any errors.

So, browse to admin/config/development/logging and enable "None" option and "Save Configuration"

Change Site Logo

This is one of the first things you'll want to do when you have Biz Directory installed. Here I show you how:

1- Browse to admin/appearance/settings/biz

2- Scroll down to the section named "Logo image settings".

3- Browse for your logo file locally. Once you find it, select it, and click “Save Configuration” at the bottom of the page. It will be uploaded to your web server.

I've included logo.psd file with this theme: If you'd like to change the logo in the header, open "logo.psd", make the necessary adjustments, and then save the file as "logo.png".

Change theme style

Biz Directory is built with 7 colors, BOXED and FULL layout option and with 8 background patterns and you can change it very easy:

1. Browse to admin/appearance/settings/biz
2. Scroll down to the section named "Theme style settings".

3. Define your preference and save.

Change theme appearance

If you want change the appearance of your website, you can use the file located in /sites/all/themes/biz/css/custom.css to add your custom css code and /sites/all/themes/biz/js/script.js to add your custom JavaScript/jQuery code.

Managing Content

Drupal is a powerful cms, so Managing content must be very easy:

Add a new Listing category/ Features/ Location/ Tags

Biz Directory use Listing category/ Features/ Location as taxonomy in Listing content and Tags in blog or article content:
1. To add/edit/delete a Listing category brows to admin/structure/taxonomy/listing_categories
2. To add/edit/delete a Feature brows to admin/structure/taxonomy/features
3. To add/edit/delete a Location brows to admin/structure/taxonomy/location
4. To add/edit/delete a Tags brows to admin/structure/taxonomy/tags

For “Listing category” you must add a Icon and Photo


Create a new Testimonial / Blog or Article

1. Brows to node/add/testimonial for create Testimonial content
2. Brows to node/add/article for create Blog content

Custom Featured listings

1- Chose the Listing content which you want add or remove to Featured listings and edit it

2- In edit page, scroll down to the section named “Publishing options” and enable or disable the “Promoted to front page” option.

Customize Blocks

To customize your blocks, you should visit the block configuration page: admin/structure/block.

All Listings Map block

The All Listings Map is a view block, to edit it:
1. Brows to admin/structure/views/view/all_listings_maps/edit

2. When you add a new category listing as we explained in the "Managing Content” you must not forget to add a map marker for this new category, so select “Settings”:

3. Scroll down to the section named “Location Differentiator …” and associate each new category to a marker map.


In block page (admin/structure/block), scroll down to the section named “Drawer” and configure the slogan block.

Features blocks

In block page (admin/structure/block), scroll down to the section named “Showcase” and configure the features blocks.

Contact page

1. The map in contact page is displayed by a google maps block; to edit it:
Brows to admin/structure/block/manage/gmaps_az/gmaps_data/configure

2. The contact informations in contact page is displayed by a custom block; to edit it:
Brows to admin/structure/block/manage/block/8/configure

2. Edit the e-mail address of Recipients the contact form; brows to admin/structure/contact/edit/1:

Customize Pricing plans

Plan price

If you want to change the price of a plan,
Browser to admin/content, Show only items where type is “Membership Product”

Edit the plan which you want

In display page; scroll down to the section named “Product information” then edit the price and save.

Plan term length

For edit the plan term length browser to admin/memberships/types

In display page; scroll down to the section named “Product information” then remove the term available and select a new term for this plan.

Listings limit

Limit the number of listings for each plan; in Biz Directory site we consider three types of listing, one for each Plan “Basic Listing for Basic plan”, “Premium Listing for Premium plan” and “Deluxe Listing for Deluxe plan”.

Browser to admin/config/people/membership-node-limit and edit this number. You show in this capture an example for “Basic plan”

Listing Expiry

In Biz Directory site; the expiration date of listing is same the plan term length, for Edit the date browser to:

- admin/structure/types/manage/basic-listing for Basic Listing
- admin/structure/types/manage/premium-listing for Premium Listing
- admin/structure/types/manage/deluxe-listing for Deluxe Listing

For each page; scroll down to the section named “Publishing options” and edit "Default expiration date" option

- Finally browser to admin/structure/block/manage/block/6/configure and edit the block for display correct information to visitors.

Store Configuration

Store informations

Browser to admin/store/settings/store and configure these informations.

Countries and addresses

Browser to admin/store/settings/countries and import new country.

Payment methods

Browser to admin/store/settings/payment to edit payment methods.

Inquiry system

Inquiry system defines block form for let the visitors to contact the authors of listings.

By default, the visibility of this block for Premium and Deluxe Listings; i.e. for paid plans; but you can change this configuration:

Browser to admin/structure/pages/nojs/operation/node_view/handlers/node_view__listing_page/content.
Scroll down to the section named “Block enquire” and edit Visibility rules.

To display the list of listings that enquired by visitors; browser to admin/listings-enquired.